There's A New Motivator In Town...

>> April 17, 2010

I heard about Bill Clinton's recent prediction of violence from the TEA Party movement, then I remembered these ladies. Do they look violent to you?

What do you think Lance?

Get used to it ladies. You're a hit!
Thanks for the linky love, my fellow bloggers.

UPDATE II: A heartfelt apology  to Fishersville Mike. I like totally forgot you linked this post as well. I will make amends with future excessive linkage to your most excellent weblog. How's that for grovelling? Good? No? Yes? Maybe? Hey, look! Yonder goes a rabbit!

UPDATE III: These radicals have really taken off, gone darn near viral, even. Now D.D. over at American Power gives a nod to the robot. Thank you Sir!


The Most Important Message You'll See Today...

You know, I've been working to get the videos from the Tea Party protest up on YouTube and those are important but,  this video contains the more most important message.
From my Brother via email... Watch.

Tamara Lowe at Christ Fellowship

God Bless.


Southeast Texas Tax Day TEA Party - Final Update!

>> April 15, 2010

All videos are uploaded now. I missed the last speaker so, if anyone has footage of him then please let me know and I'll be glad to link it or embed it here. New videos after the page break.

It's obvious to me that these are normal, God fearing folks. Everyone I spoke to at this event was courteous and well mannered. These are simply people who see their liberties being eroded away and have awakened to the fact that we are the frog in the proverbial pot. I would venture a guess that most of these people, myself included, until a year ago, had never been to a political rally in their lives. I wonder how anyone can be scared by that? I find it heartening.

Thank God for all of you who attended. I stand beside you and salute you, American Patriots!
I almost forgot to add that You can join the Southeast Texas TEA Party by following this link. If you live elsewhere you can find one here. Just look for your state.

Great turnout ! Great patriots !

UPDATE: Posted this yesterday from my phone. As of now, I'm working to get the video chopped to YouTube size and uploaded so, bear with me, please. My partner in crime also has some still shots and I'll be linking those as well when he gets off his a$$ and does whatever those photographer guys do. Cheers!

Meanwhile, check out RS McCain's site for info on the Washington Rallies.

Also, while I was at The Other McCain's place earlier today, I saw that Andrew Sullivan had found a way through the spam filter to spew some guttural sewage about the TEA Party. Needless to say, I couldn't stand for him dissin' my brothers in arms. You can check that out here.

UPDATE II: Why does it take like fo-eh-vah to upload  video to YouToob? Got them cued up and on the way. It's sooo sloow...

UPDATE III: Finally got he first speaker uploaded. I'll keep updating this post as the vids reach the server.
Here is Ken Bowers. Please excuse my shaky hand. I'll go get the tripod in a bit.

UPDATE IV: My buddy uploaded his Tax Day TEA Party Pictures to an online album.  Here is another speaker, Mona Lisa Chambers - after the jump.

More to come as they are available...
Hay! They're available!
Micah Young

Veterans Tribute


Barbara Cargill

Dr. Brian Babin


Obama Power Grab - Again + Wednesday Robo-Love

>> April 14, 2010

Speaking of asshattery… This bill will grant dictatorial powers to the President, no ifs ands or buts…
This legislation, essentially, confers on the federal government police powers that, under our system, are the exclusive preserve of state and local government. The blank check the bill gives the feds to take over any financial institution is really more of an exercise of eminent domain than it is an extension of traditional federal regulatory power.
Read the whole thing here.

Some great stuff out on the blogosphere today....

For a mind wash, take a look at Obooger’s shadow.
More mind wash here in the form of Rock Sugar.
Just do it. You know you’re curious…
I may move to Arizona
Jon Voight Speaks here and here.
Yes, the Robot does dream of electric sheep, in spaaaace.
Overpopulation? What overpopulation?
If you can’t argue on the facts, try to take away the voice of the opposition.
Repeat after Smitty: "life is life is life"
Wonder where that job went? Steve has the graphic answer. No, it’s not a photo of a toilet, but it could be.
Did you hear about the Republican beatings in New Orleans this weekend on the MSM?
Oh, sorry, it was the Republicans on the receiving end.
The Alinsky Method explained…

A Jobs-Lost Visual Aid


Assad is arming Hezbollah with long-range Scud missiles


How To Spot An Asshat

>> April 13, 2010

They open their mouths and the funniest stuff falls out.

Yea, I ate a carrot today, therefore, I'm Bugs Bunny! Perfect reasoning! Freaking maroon.

Not sure if the embed is going to work, so here is the link to the video on Breitbart.

Tip 'o the hat again to Quigley.


I Wonder If...

Carol knows about this?

Found at the Daley Gator

Escaped Convicts Disguised As Sheep 



A Milestone Is Reached...

The Robot has been smoke-free for a year as of four minutes ago. Think I'll light one up in celebration. NOT!


April 15th Tax Day TEA Party + Rep Paul Ryan

>> April 12, 2010

In my neck of the woods the Party will be held at Ford Park just outside Beaumont  from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The address is: Ford Park 5115 IH 10 S, Beaumont, TX 77701

I'll be there with my new HD video camera to hopefully get some footage of the event. Don't be too hard on me for the product as I don't normally go running around with a camera. I just figure somebody's got to do it. If you see some dude with a pony tail and a little red handy-cam, don't hesitate to say howdy!

Mail Bag
Today in the mail bag the Robot received some interesting reading. I love when you guys send me stuff. Especially when I've got a heavy workload as I do now.

First up is from Quigley, who found a Politico article that examines Congress' apparent malaise concerning the budget.
...some Democratic insiders suspect that leaders will skip the budget process altogether this year — a way to avoid the political unpleasantness of voting on spending, deficits and taxes in an election year — or simply go through a few of the motions, without any real effort to complete the work.
Nice to know they think they can push the unpleasent truth under the rug for a year. Not happening on this blog.

Next, also from Q, is a neat little gadget from which will let you know just how much those critters in Congress are worth. Quite telling actually. Freaking aristocrats. Go see for yourself.
I may have to add Open Secrets to my list of useful tools. 
Rep. Paul Ryan
Listening to GB today, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan stopped in and shared a new (to me) website where he lays out the solution to America's budget crisis. I like this guy. A lot. I just wish GB would quit slobbering over the good guys. It's getting kind weird. Did anyone else notice that? He did the same thing with Perry.

That's all for now. I'm back to the studio for more tracking and mixing. Have  great day!
Oh, and I included a couple more Rule 5's for ya. You're welcome.


Robo-Love: Sunday Morning Blogroll Snapshot

>> April 11, 2010

Ok, It's a lazy man's link fest. The real world has a tendency to intrude on a dude every now and then. If you have the time, have a sample of these excellent Bloggers and their unique insights on the political weather patterns.
In continuing with the Guitar Wars thing Steve and a few others are doing at The Resistance, I offer another Austin, Texas musician.

Stevie Ray Vaughan...

Another, from when Stevie was a bit younger.

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