Beaumont TEA Party Express Pictures

>> November 7, 2009

Beaumont, TX TEA party Express pics
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I'm Not Sayin' I Believe It...

>> November 6, 2009

but the whole timing of the Fort Hood shootings sure is fishy to someone who has seen the movie "Wag The Dog". Is it just me? Is there an element of subterfuge in the works?

Things that make you go hmm...

Let's make a quick examination of the facts. Michele Bachmann, Mark Levin, Jon Voight and a cast of tens of thousands descend on the Capitol for a rally which could in effect save the country from socialism and while the halls of congress are literally filling with constituents, to hold their congressmen's feet to the fire, so to speak, Bam! Here comes Mr. Gunman, effectively derailing what would have been another front page news story.

Did someone make a sleeper cell phone call? Pull a lever? Say the magic words "Allah Be Praised"?

We'd better check the phone records and all correspondence to and from Mr. Gunman post haste!
Hey Alex Jones! Someone call George Noory! There's a story here! Charlie Sheen, are you paying attention? Do you have plans to fake an interview with our new president? Get to the bottom of this!
There are questions that need to be asked and answered honestly.
I'm not a conspiracy theory guy but, what if?

I'm just sayin'...

Of course, the phone call or orders wouldn't have had to come from anyone in our government to achieve the goals of our enemies. It could have come from Bin Laden himself or no-one at all to do that. Because if it derails the Healthcare opposition, if this vicious attack serves to distract us from defending liberty in the halls of power, if we blink and let PelobamaCare pass, then the long term goals of our enemies are made easier.

By funneling billions and trillions of our dollars into socialized medicine then we will break the bank and go the way of the Soviet Union. Just as Ronald Reagan broke their bank with defense spending and Star Wars, we will have weakened ourselves economically, and more important, emotionally as well, giving in to the entitlement mentality, the dependant mindset which would ultimately break the will to succeed of most Americans anyway. After all, who wants to work to succeed if you're only going to be punished for it?

Whether or not this was an act of terrorism is immaterial. The fact is that these were soldiers of freedom  who died in service to their country. We shouldn't let our grief for them serve to weaken our resolve. We should honor their memory by fighting harder to preserve the freedom they died for.

I'm just sayin'...


To Everyone At Fort Hood,

To the families and friends affected, and those who are forced to deal with the aftermath of yesterday's attacks, I offer my heartfelt sympathies and condolences. You are in my prayers.

If you would like to share a message of support, you can do so through the army's social media sites. The Army Times has the links

HT Backyard Conservative


Marine Sgt. John Eubanks...

like so many others I hear of, wanted to go back to Iraq on his own terms to deal with his personal struggle. 

Via the recent USO Newsletter:

"When Marine Sgt. John Eubanks first went to Iraq, he was an infantryman and a weapons specialist. In the middle of his second tour in 2005, he suffered back injuries and a traumatic brain injury when his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device. Since then, Sgt. Eubanks has undergone numerous medical procedures, but perhaps none has been as therapeutic as his recent return to Iraq as a visitor. During his recovery, Sgt. Eubanks wrote about what such a journey would be like for him and other wounded warriors.

In October, when Sgt. Eubanks and six other wounded soldiers returned to Iraq as part of Operation Proper Exit, those written wishes became reality.

"I believe these visits by our Wounded Warriors are important as they allow them to see the improvements in Iraq and that their sacrifices weren't made in vain," said MNF-I Commanding General Ray Odierno of the visit.

This was Operation Proper Exit’s second trip, a new program sponsored by the USO in partnership with the Troops First Foundation. Thirteen wounded warriors have returned to Iraq to answer the questions left there when they abruptly were taken off the battlefield on stretchers. To read more about these healing journeys and watch the warriors' personal stories, please visit: "

More on Sgt. Eubanks and other troops involved in Operation Proper Exit at BlackAnthemMilitaryNews

But before you head off... Don't forget to honor our hero's who have given so much in the service to our country. Please, make a donation to Valour-IT today. 

Granted, I'm mixing charities here but we're all on the same team right? After all, Little Miss Attila was mixing metaphors just yesterday. Can one mix charities with metaphors? Charitaphors? Metapharities?
Now I know it's late.

Armed Forces dates to mark on your calendars:
* The USS NEW YORK -- made from the steel of the World Trade Center -- will be commissioned in New York on November 7.
* Happy 234th Birthday, U.S. Marine Corps (November 10)!
* November 11 — Veterans Day.  (End of Project Valour-IT)

Also, Cassandra at Villainous Company has a tribute you should read. 


A Little Bit O' Merle For Ya

>> November 5, 2009

Old School


Kill The Bill Rally Update...

Gateway Pundit is my hero. I love the fact that while I'm working, GP is on the job ~ You Rock!

Mark Levin is a national treasure. Why hasn't he run for office?

And did I mention iOWNTHEWORLD? - Pure Gold

Awesome even.
Michele Bachman is smart AND hot. What a combo. Wait....
Bachmann+Palin? Palin+Bachmann? Aww, cmon, you know you've thought about it.  No, not THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter.
Could the nation handle so much blatant patriotism? Could we balance so much progesterone and estrogen? Could they handle the 3am calls from the pentagon asking "What are you wearing?" But I digress, of course we could. We are in the process of weathering possibly the greatest ego since Kanye West. And for the next 3+ years no less. I think we could deal with a few female eccentricities. Besides, these are tough ladies. Anyone remember Margaret Thatcher?
How about this for a slogan: "Ladies For Liberty!"  I like. It has a nice ring to it.

Whatever happens, I for one am glad to have these women patriots on the right side of the debate.


Michele Bachmann Rallies Troops Before Massive Rally on Capital Steps

More From Gateway Pundit


Free Speech? Nah - None For You

>> November 4, 2009

The blitz continues. What kills me is, I am funding it. Waddup widdat?
Little Miss Attila hooks and lands a big one... Via Boing Boing

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad.
The internet chapter of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a secret copyright treaty whose text Obama’s administration refused to disclose due to “national security” concerns, has leaked. It's bad. It says:
  • * That ISPs have to proactively police copyright on user-contributed material. This means that it will be impossible to run a service like Flickr or YouTube or Blogger, since hiring enough lawyers to ensure that the mountain of material uploaded every second isn't infringing will exceed any hope of profitability.
  • * That ISPs have to cut off the Internet access of accused copyright infringers or face liability. This means that your entire family could be denied to the internet -- and hence to civic participation, health information, education, communications, and their means of earning a living -- if one member is accused of copyright infringement, without access to a trial or counsel.
  • * That the whole world must adopt US-style "notice-and-takedown" rules that require ISPs to remove any material that is accused -- again, without evidence or trial -- of infringing copyright. This has proved a disaster in the US and other countries, where it provides an easy means of censoring material, just by accusing it of infringing copyright.
  • * Mandatory prohibitions on breaking DRM, even if doing so for a lawful purpose (e.g., to make a work available to disabled people; for archival preservation; because you own the copyrighted work that is locked up with DRM) 
Please excuse moi while my head asplodes.


Southeast Texas RINO's?

UPDATE 4/5 am: KBMT picked up the story (with video)

UPDATE 4/5 am: SETXhomepage (also with video)
True switch? I'm encouraged but skeptical.

From Blair Dedrick Ortmann at the Beaumont Enterprise:
"The following is a list of Hardin County officials who announced today they were switching their political party affiliations.

All of the officials changed from Democrat to Republican.

County Judge Billy Carraway
Precinct 4 Commissioner Bobby Franklin
County attorney Rebecca Walton
Sheriff Ed Cain
Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings
Constable Wayne McDaniel
Justice of the Peace Kent Walker"

Hmmm, is the ship sinking? Do these officials know something we don't? Did they see something in last night's election coverage that suddenly changed their ideology? Do they think we won't remember this in 2010? One has to wonder, doesn't one.
I don't live or vote in Hardin County. Just thought I'd share this for those that do.
Make a list folks. Take note and do some searching for voting records and political platforms. Let's just see what kind of republicans these officials will be.


Nubs: A Mutt, A Marine, and A Miracle

From Cassy Fiano's Smokin Hot Blog - Sorry Cassy, I jusst ripped this story completely from your site. I love a good dog story and I've been too busy at work and with family stuff to do any posts on my own. Besides, You and Cassandra are much better writers than I anyway.

"You probably hear a lot about the stray dogs that servicemembers find in the Middle East. The common theme is that our soldiers just love to kill those strays, because they’re bloodthirsty and mean and evil. It seems like that theme is more based in fiction than in reality, especially for one group of Marines. One dog even made such a connection with a Marine, Maj. Brian Dennis, that he searched the country for him, and Maj. Dennis fought to be able to take the dog he named Nubs home.
This is their incredible story.

When Maj. Brian Dennis of the United States Marine Corps met a wild stray dog with shorn ears while serving in Iraq, he had no idea of the bond they would form, leading to seismic changes in both their lives. “The general theme of the story of Nubs is that if you’re kind to someone, they’ll never forget you — whether it be person or animal,” Dennis tells Paw Nation.

In October 2007, Dennis and his team of 11 men were in Iraq patrolling the Syrian border. One day, as his team arrived at a border fort, they encountered a pack of stray dogs — not uncommon in the barren, rocky desert that was home to wolves and wild dogs.

“We all got out of the Humvee and I started working when this dog came running up,” recalls Dennis. “I said, ‘Hey buddy’ and bent down to pet him.” Dennis noticed the dog’s ears had been cut. “I said, ‘You got little nubs for ears.’” The name stuck. The dog whose ears had been shorn off as a puppy by an Iraqi soldier (to make the dog “look tougher,” Dennis says) became known as Nubs.

Dennis fed Nubs scraps from his field rations, including bits of ham and frosted strawberry Pop Tarts. “I didn’t think he’d eat the Pop Tart, but he did,” says Dennis.

At night, Nubs accompanied the men on night patrols. “I’d get up in the middle of the night to walk the perimeter with my weapon and Nubs would get up and walk next to me like he was doing guard duty,” says Dennis.

The next day, Dennis said goodbye to Nubs, but he didn’t forget about the dog. He began mentioning Nubs in emails he wrote to friends and family back home. “I found a dog in the desert,” Dennis wrote in an email in October 2007. “I call him Nubs. We clicked right away. He flips on his back and makes me rub his stomach.”

“Every couple of weeks, we’d go back to the border fort and I’d see Nubs every time,” says Dennis. “Each time, he followed us around a little more.” And every time the men rumbled away in their Humvees, Nubs would run after them. “We’re going forty miles an hour and he’d be right next to the Humvee,” says Dennis. “He’s a crazy fast dog. Eventually, he’d wear out, fall behind and disappear in the dust.”

On one trip to the border fort in December 2007, Dennis found Nubs was badly wounded in his left side where he’d been stabbed with a screwdriver. “The wound was infected and full of pus,” Dennis recalls. “We pulled out our battle kits and poured antiseptic on his wound and force fed him some antibiotics wrapped in peanut butter.” That night, Nubs was in so much pain that he refused food and water and slept standing up because he couldn’t lay down. Dennis and his team left again the next day, but Dennis thought about Nubs the entire time, hoping the dog was still alive.

Two weeks later, when Dennis and his team returned, he found Nubs alive and well. “I had patched him up and that seemed to be a turning point in how he viewed me,” says Dennis. This time, when Dennis and his team left the fort, Nubs followed. Though the dog lost sight of the Humvees, he never gave up. For two days, Nubs endured freezing temperatures and packs of wild dogs and wolves, eventually finding his way to Dennis at a camp an incredible 70 miles south near the Jordanian border.

“There he was, all beaten and chewed up,” says Dennis. “I knew immediately that Nubs had crossed through several dog territories and fought and ran, and fought and ran,” says Dennis. The dog jumped on Dennis, licking his face.

Most of the 80 men at the camp welcomed Nubs, even building him a doghouse. But a couple of soldiers complained, leading Dennis’ superiors to order him to get rid of the dog. With his hand forced, Dennis decided that the only thing to do was bring Nubs to America. He began coordinating Nubs’ rescue effort. Friends and family in the States helped, raising the $5,000 it would cost to transport Nubs overseas.

Finally, it was all arranged. Nubs was handed over to volunteers in Jordan, who looked after the dog and sent him onto to Chicago, then San Diego, where Dennis’ friends waited to pick him up. Nubs lived with Dennis’ friends and began getting trained by local dog trainer Graham Bloem of the Snug Pet Resort. “I focused on basic obedience and socializing him with dogs, people and the environment,” says Bloem.

A month later, Dennis finished his deployment in Iraq and returned home to San Diego, where he immediately boarded a bus to Camp Pendleton to be reunited with Nubs. “I was worried he wouldn’t remember me,” says Dennis. But he needn’t have worried. “Nubs went crazy,” recalls Dennis. “He was jumping up on me, licking my head.”

This is Maj. Dennis with his new best friend, Nubs:

When I read this story, I knew I just had to post it. It really just tugged at my heartstrings. It almost seems like destiny brought the two of them together, doesn’t it? For deployed Marines, the support of their significant other and their family can be what gets them through it. But you also can’t discount the difference a dog can make. Some people say that the dog chooses the owner, not the other way around, and it seems to certainly be the case for Maj. Dennis.

And of course, since we’re talking about a Marine… have you donated to Project Valour-IT? And hey, if you have, maybe you could forward this on to a friend and encourage them to donate. Remember, every little bit helps!"

In case can't get enough canine shenanigans, Cassandra has another dogs of war story at Villainous Company.


Project Valour-IT Needs You To Help A Wounded Veteran

>> November 2, 2009

If you haven't yet done so, please consider a small donation to the Valour IT Marine team. We've managed to assemble a team of over 65 bloggers but it's tough for us to compete with the larger services.

Until yesterday we had a $2000 lead over the Army and a $7-8000 lead over Air Force and Navy. But our position is being overrun. We need reinforcements!

The devices that Valour-IT funds have a profound and visible effect on users/recipients and ALL money donated for Valour-IT goes to purchase and shipping of laptops, Wiis, and GPS devices (that means ZERO OVERHEAD). Valour IT provides powerful tools that help severely wounded vets (not just those with hand problems) speed up recovery and treatment, maintain a support system, and regain a sense of independence.

Valour IT facts:

• in 4+ years Valour IT has provided 4,100 laptops, over 30 Wii systems to VA hospitals, and  nearly 100 handheld GPS devices
• Total online funds collected to date: nearly 3/4 of a million dollars
• Every dollar raised goes directly to wounded vets military medical centers and VA facilities nationwide, such as:
o Balboa Naval Hospital
o Brooke Army Medical Center
o Madigan Regional Medical Center
o National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda)
o Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton
o Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital (29 Palms)
o Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Here's what your donation can provide:
Voice activated laptops:

1. Help wounded vets connect with still-deployed fellow service members (relieve anxiety about how their friends are doing, allow them to maintain a support system)
2. Allow vets to stay in touch with loved ones who can’t be at their bedside
3. Run therapeutic computer programs that help restore brain/vision function,
4. Can be used to research treatments, keep track of treatment regimen.
5. Retrain for post-military employment
6. Voice control makes using a computer one of the first things they can do on their own

Wii uses:

1. Physical therapists in VA hospitals and major medical centers are using Wii fit systems with their patients
2. Motivation: Wii Sports games key into natural competitive nature
3. Track progress in a fun way

GPS uses:

1. For those with very severe PTSD or TBI (memory problems, high anxiety, etc), having a GPS increases independence and restores a sense of competence. Short-term memory problems can make it hard to navigate of new locations. A GPS can mean the difference between success and failure.

Please help. These men and women have already given so much. The price of a nice six pack of beer or an inexpensive dinner seems the least we can to in return for their sacrifices.
Thanks for your support.


Beaumont Tea Party Commercial


winnie getting some 9mm action


pumpkin shot recoil


future dead pumpkins


future rock star


>> November 1, 2009

at my friends for the evening

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