Achmed Sings Jingle Bombs

>> December 18, 2009

Been busy at work this week so, slow blogging. Here's a little dead terrorist for ya.

Achmed Sings Christmas Songs - Watch more Funny Videos


Boldly Going Where Government Has Never Gone Before

>> December 13, 2009

From The Heritage Foundation:
Senator Orrin Hatch plays the Constitution card. As I've been saying, this is historically unprecedented and unconstitutional.

Make no mistake, requiring individuals to purchase a particular good or service, as these bills would do, would be boldly going where Congress has never gone before. Congress has regulated interstate commerce, but has not required that people engage in it. The Supreme Court has expanded Congress’ power to regulate activities that substantially affect interstate commerce, but not the requirement that people engage in those activities.

There is an arrogance of power here [in Congress] that is beyond belief...


Could You Vanish If You Wanted To?

Just finished reading an article I found a couple of weeks and a computer virus ago about writer Evan Ratliff and his month on the lam. Pretty interesting exercise given today's internet entwined world. Also interesting is the fact that thousands of ordinary people jumped at the chance to catch him. I wonder, if there was no reward, would anyone have bothered? If the government was looking for someone, say, a blogging dissenter or political activist, would the public help the blogger or help the hunters? Both I suppose.

You can read about Evan's adventure at
Thanks to Little Miss Attila for finding this one.


It's a Hazy Shade of Winter

Look around...

One of my favorites from The Bangles... More cowbell! And more shots of the drummer please!

I can't post the former without posting the latter...

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