God and Government - part 2

>> April 3, 2010

In the real world, while discussing some things that I believe pertaining to God and faith, a couple of my friends on separate occasions have labeled me a Zionist. I'll confess, I'm unsure what that term exactly means in the true definition because it seems to have several different connotations and explanations. I only use the term here as a reference point to another issue.

The topic under discussion was the Tribulation and the return of Christ as foretold in the book of Revelation. The reason we were discussing it was my belief that we, each of us, has a hand in how fast or slow that prophecy approaches.

It is said that Thomas Jefferson's motto was "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." I happen to agree. I think that if tyranny grows, then the dark hours of the end of our world get closer. On the other hand, if we fight back tyrants and put them in their proper place, then we delay the time of the Great Second Coming. (Just think of how much closer we would be if Hitler would have won.)

I know there are those fruitcakes out there who think it's their job to accelerate the pace of this little party called Armageddon but I don't agree. It's not God's style. Why wouldn't he want the Second Coming postponed as long as possible? It's a win-win. God get's more converts and we get to stay here in freedom a while longer. The longer it takes to get here, the more worshippers for him.

I think this is why they used the term Zionist, because I believe in the Second Coming, but like I said before it may be a misunderstanding of the definition on their part or mine.

Along with this discussion, other questions have been raised. Thought provoking philosophical discussions as to destiny and free will and whether the book of Revelation is actually prophecy or just John sitting in a cave in exile being pissed off and writing a rant at the dude who stuck him there.

Me? I happen to believe it is prophesy, which led one friend to go down the destiny road and say "If it's destined to happen, then you can't do any thing about it." To which I replied ""Yes we can, we can help forestall it." Which then got into a free will vs destiny discussion. Personally, I have no problem with the two existing in the same world because if God is all knowing, then he is certainly able to know what you are going to choose before you choose it. That doesn't stop you from making the choice, nor does it force you to either.

Given today's philosophical rhetoric, Peter might have wanted to believe that he lacked a choice in denying Christ. The fact was, he did it of his own free will. Christ even told him about it up front. You would think that being forewarned about something would keep you from doing it, but he was scared for his own life and made the choice three times. The good thing was, he was forgiven the moment he did it. All he had to do was confess it. God's kinda cool like that.

One last thought. I wrote in God and Government part 1 about the power of prayer, urging all of us to pray for our country and its leaders. We need to continue interceding more than ever. Here is why:

I believe an interceding prayer is powerful not only in helping the person being prayed for, it helps the person doing the praying. I believe that when one intercedes for another, you are closer to God's will than at any other time. It is possibly at those moments when God has as close a thing to a direct connection to you than any other. Didn't he say "Pray without ceasing?" I believe that when we intercede for another we are acting in a godly fashion. Isn't there a verse that instructs us to "Act as if you have faith and faith will be given to you." or something like that? If not, it sure sounds good.

The bottom line is this. God loves us. He wants us to be like him. He doesn't want anyone to die. He gave us free will and a choice to make. The question is, what choice are you making? Keep in mind, as the band Rush put it so plainly "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

God loves you, friend. Happy Easter.


The 'Bot's Quote of the Day Goes To...

The Troglopundit.

Here's my question: don't these guys know it's Holy Week? The most sacred few days of the Christian calendar? The day a vast number of people around the Earth will be celebrating the Resurrection - the day the most famous Jew in history saved every man, woman, and child in the entire world?
How about a little respect, you murdering sons of louse-ridden rats?
Well, Lance, to be precise, Jesus made the offer. One still has to accept. But your point is understood, at least by this Jesus loving Robot.

Find out who he's speaking of here. Wait, I'll give you three guesses but you can't use racial profiling. Nope. Don't you do it.
You cheated didn't you?


Thank You Pat!

And So It Goes In Shreveport has honored the humble Robot with "Featured Blog" status! This tin-headed, verbose, meanderer is most grateful.

Pat is also a featured blogger at the website Potluck, where you will find a formidable gathering of intelligent and insightful ladies from around the country sharing their wit and wisdom with us all.

Pat, I sincerely wish you and your family a Happy Easter. Thanks again for the linkage!


To the Republicans - It's The Constitution Stupid!

I'm in complete agreement with General Robert "Bob" Belvedere on this one. The Republicans just don't get it. Not only are they dropping the ball on immigration, they have lost their minds on the Health Care issue and the direction this country should be headed in particular.

It's the Constitution Stupid!
There is only one path to saving this country. Half measures are just distractions. The person that demonstrates to me that they are for REPEALING the HC Legislation, is for ENFORCING IMMIGRATION LAWS already on the books and is for LOWERING TAXES will get my vote. I don't care if that person is purple and hails from Pluto!

A progressive Republican is just as dangerous if not more so than a Democrat progressive who spits on the Constitution in the streets.
One more point on the Health Care Takeover to one of my Senators:
Senator Cornyn, with all due respect, you are wrong. To shift focus from the constitutionality of the Health Care takeover at this time is disastrous. This issue needs to be the rallying cry for the next 4 years! The Supreme Court should understand our outrage at the callous, underhanded, malicious audacious attack on our rights and individual freedoms that is the HC monstrosity. To back away now is to admit defeat.

I will not lay down for it and you shouldn't either. Make the point of job creation in tandem with the effects on the Constitution if you must, but do not lay the Constitutional issues off to the side. I would wager that a large number of your constituents agree with me. Ask them.

What say you readers?

Looks like Doc ZERO at HotAir casts his vote for Repeal.


I Don’t Worry About the Constitution - Dem Congressman Phil Hare

>> April 2, 2010

Amazing. Why am I not surprised? - GatorDoug has the story.
This guy needs to quit and then change his name. He's giving Phils all over the world a bad name. How about Judas? Or Benedict Arnold? When does the word treason begin to have meaning? Should we wait until they drag the shredded, ratty, tattered remains of the worn out POS that is the Constitution into the streets and burn the effing thing? Would that be enough to wake Americans up?!


Why Speak Out? Why Bother? Why Blog?

I was asked last week why I write about Obama and the current crop of lunatics running the country. I answered her at the time and got that glazed look that says "So? And your point is?" She said "I vote. That's my voice. What else can I do?" To which I replied simply "You don't get it, do you?" No, I guess not. 
She didn't. 
I didn't feel like I could enlighten her at the moment so, after the meeting, I was back at my office and decided to write a quick letter to try to explain to the uninitiated what drives me. It truly amazes me that someone can read what is on these pages and not understand why I do it.

The following is the letter and the link I sent to her:

I’ve been thinking about your question earlier. I don’t think I answered it to my satisfaction.
If you want to know why I blog or write about these things, Here is the bottom line. I love the ideas of the Founders. I love freedom and liberty and I know we are losing them. I want to lend a voice to the thousands/millions of others who wish to stop what is discussed in this article. It’s not the absolute best article I’ve found but it is does reference some law professors who agree that if these guys aren’t stopped, our country is quite probably doomed. They are setting precedent that will have future consequences impacting individual property and liberty. In other words, every aspect of your life.
That doesn’t scare you? It does me. And it makes me mad that I see it happening on such a large scale here. It makes me angrier to see liberals who gloat over the destruction of the very thing that enables their prosperity, the Constitution. Activism is needed. Not just at the ballot box. I know for some that is all they feel they can do. I happen to think they are wrong. The more I learn, the more I feel it is our duty as Americans to be informed about our country so as to defend it from these types of attacks. We’ve been asleep and inattentive as is needed by the form of government the founders set up for us. It requires our involvement.
I’ve had this conversation before and what I always find myself saying over and over again is: If I didn’t think I could change it, I would still do it because it’s what I feel I must do as an American.
Call me what you will, but I’m not crazy. These people are more power hungry than most realize. I don’t wish for anyone to live under oligarchy and I hate aristocracy. Both of those paths are tyrannical and often lead to dictatorships. For anyone to think it couldn’t happen here is, to me, not as aware as they should be. History does repeat itself.
I look at it this way, the left owns 90% of the main stream media. Bloggers are a part of the opposition to that misinformation. I’m proud to be a part of that opposition and have fun doing it most of the time. Believe me, sometimes I wish I was ignorant to what is happening. Ignorance may in fact be bliss, but now that I know some of it, now that I’ve gone down the rabbit hole as they say, I want to see it all and I might as well share it with whomever would listen.
OK, I’ll go back to work now boss,
God Bless.

FYI Boss, I posted this on my time,   ;-)


Round Four + Robo-Love Good Reading Links

>> April 1, 2010

The Rule 5 March Madness Sweater Puppy Contest continues with round four. While you're perusing the beauty of these bodacious babes, you can make a note to visit the fine blogs and news sites assembled in this post.


Setting Brush Fires In People’s Minds


Sarah Palin was right!! -- Death Panels are in the health care law.


Free Audio Books

The real world intrudes on a blogger once again...
but hey, here's something cool I found this morning using StumbleUpon


TEA Party Candidate Slogan Contest!

>> March 30, 2010

The Daley Gator is hosting a TEA Party candidate slogan contest! From the intro:

GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS fellow gun-toting, bible-thumping, expletive-spewing, racist, war-mongering, homophobic, right-wing extremists!

Today we embark on a quest for the ultimate campaign slogan to be adopted (potentially) by the plethora of political candidates who’ve embraced the tea party movement’s basic philosophy.
I really don't need to say more except, if you read this blog, then you know I had to get involved. Too much fun to be had at the expense of the left.  

Here’s my first entry: "I’m the candidate Obama warned you about." on tee with candidate's picture.

Pitch in with some ideas! Here is the link.


Legal Challenges to Obama Care

Red State has a good, short summary today on the legal challenges to ObamaCare.
From the article:

Obamacare mandates that individual citizens purchase a product, on penalty of fines, that is not available in interstate commerce, all theoretically in the name of regulating interstate commerce? Just to speak the concept aloud is to be struck dumb by the breathtaking arrogance of Congress in passing this bill, and the disregard for the Constitutional limits on their power.

I remember leaving a comment on a site the other day about the interstate commerce contradiction.
Glad someone of the legal profession is taking up that thought, if nothing else, at least to explore it.

I also recommend a look at the comments section, in there I found a link to an interview with Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General, who is one of the 13 States' AGs filing suit against the rights-eating legislation.

Read it here.


Gun Control? Hillary: Sure, I Can Do That!

Several articles in the last few days pointing to Hillary Clinton playing footsie with the one world government UN crowd here and here and here, committing to a UN Small Arms Treaty.

Just passing on what I've seen. Stay alert folks. These guys are playing with your rights.
There's a petition to stop the treaty here.


Sweater Puppies in the Age of Democracy

Consider this an entry into Round 3 of the No Sheeples Here Sweater Puppy Rule 5 competition.
Victory is Mine! - See below.

The Troglopundit recently stated his disdain over recent comments made by a climate scientist or some other such dipshit speaking about "modern democracy" getting in the way of a climate saving social(ist) agenda.  I'm not going to address the dipshit. If you don't know where I stand on climate change or suspension of human rights, please, let me direct you to the "older posts" button at the bottom of this page.

What I would like to address is the notion of the USA being a democracy. I know Lance was speaking to said dipshit scientist in terms the ignoramus might comprehend when he repeated the term "democracy" but here is my point, and it is fundamental.

The USA is not a democracy. We once were by Jefferson's or Madison's definition, a Democratic Republic. We are still a ways from true democracy, but with the recent 50.1% vote for Obamacare by both houses, the democratic element to the republic has gained far too much weight. (What happened to the supermajority?)

I agree that democracy, when used alone, is a stoopid form of government. But a republic would also degenerate into oligarchy or aristocracy if left unchecked by the masses (democracy). I'll offer current events as my proof. Funny how these lessons need teaching again.

The leftists and progressives have been touting this "democracy" description of America for evah, and it's time we conservatives quit taking the bait. We need to remind people what kind of government this is supposed to be. A Democratic Constitutional Republic. Ruled by law, not the whims of the majority. A government that protects ones God given rights instead of a government so powerful as to grant rights. A government powerful enough to grant you rights is one that will easily and thoughtlessly take them from you.

We need a well informed populace to defeat these ignoramuses and sophists. That's where the cro-magnon-neanderthal and tin-headed-pom-pom-obsessed bloggers come in.

Pom-poms win over politics every time. So, in that regard, let's print the information on pom-poms and tattoo them on tatas if necessary. I'll volunteer to do the printing. Calligraphy is a subject I've always had a keen interest in. On second thought, tattooing is a bit extreme. How about a line of educational tee-shirts or bikinis? Yea, that's the ticket. Let's use the sweater puppy obsession to our advantage. I'm sure we can come up with some tasteful slogans to advance our cause. Here's my first suggestion. You'll have to use your imagination as to the placement  of the verbiage.

"If you're Left, you ain't Right."
Get it? Left, Right?

Whatever. I know you could do better.

Also somewhat related, in the sense of battling stupidity, is this post at The Thinker. I'm headed over there now for a refresher course, as this post has degenerated somewhat since I started drinking writing.

UPDATE: We Have A Winner!
Hey whaddya know, I musta drank 'em under the table! Nobody showed up but me and The Trog so, after little or no finneaglin' that you know of, I waltzed outta there with a new mantle piece. Check 'er out. Ain't she a beyute? Thanks to No Sheeples Here and The Camp of the Saints for hosting such an *ahem* outstanding contest. Good luck to the rest of you in your wagering on the last games.


Speak Up! Grade Obama's First Year in Office

>> March 29, 2010

From CBS News.

CBS News? Fer realz? Well, I think we all know what to do then.
Here is Obama's report card for you to fill out...


Robo-Love Sunday!

>> March 28, 2010

Howdy to the readers of The Other McCain from the Robot! There be an Other McCain-alanche going on here today. Thanks to you Smitty and RSM sirs.

It seems Irish Cicero over at Washington Rebel and Steve from The Resistance and Motor City Times have thrown some linkage at the Bot as well.

Of course I would be negligent if I did not mention The Classic Liberal, who has also linked this site on many occasions.

Here are some other friends who need a good thanking.
The Daley Gator
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 To all of these I will quote a lion. 
"This is how we treat our friends."


Keynesian Economics Is Wrong - Here's Why

Keynesianism exposed by the CATO Institute. A relatively short history lesson.

HT TEA Party Brad

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