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>> October 24, 2009

First a thanks to Smitty at The Other McCain for the FMJRA link back. Smitty called me "The Mind Numbed Robot" which is, after all, in the url of the site. Maybe I'll consolidate the site name, blog title and my alias. We'll see. Any thoughts?

Right now I'm at The Saloon, feet up, coffee in hand, watching the movie "Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama" posted by Riley Jones who asks the  intriguing question "Are the producers of this film laughably insane or terrifyingly accurate?"
The movie is disturbing, if accurate. Certainly conspiratorial (who doesn't love a good conspiracy?) and worth a watch, if you have time. 


WH Press Pool Solidarity!

>> October 23, 2009

Kenneth FeinbergImage via Wikipedia
Giving credit where credit is due. The top 5 news bureau chiefs banded together to do the right thing.
From Fox news: "The Obama administration on Thursday tried to make "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg available for interviews to every member of the White House pool except Fox News. But the Washington bureau chiefs of the five TV networks decided that none of their reporters would interview Feinberg unless Fox News was included." 
Are we about to see the MSM acting like responsible news outlets? I'm not holding my breath.

On the subject of Pay Czars - Fox also has a piece questioning the legality and reasoning behind this salary cutting business. (Hmmmm Obama didn't want FOX granted access to K.F. - coincidence?)

I for one am sick of the class envy card being played. Is this the only way that the adminstration knows how to operate? This is school yard bullying at best and jack booted thuggery at worst. What ever happened to an open exchange of ideas and the free market?
I also have to ask. Where will it stop? We are on the slippery slope here people. If you let the brown-shirts break into your neighbors house without protest, who is going to look out for you when they come to your door? I'm just sayin'
Time for a beer. Peace Out.


I've Been Linked!

Robert Stacy McCain speaks at a Young America'...RS McCain Image via Wikipedia
Not me personally but, The Tea Party Patriots have graciously awarded this blog a link on their blog roll. So, in what Robert Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) would call the "Rule 2 FMJRA", here is a link back and a big ThankYouVeryMuch!

If you haven't been following RS McCain's blog then you should check it out. He's in New York right now covering the heated congressional race between the RINO (Dede Scozzafava) and the real conservative Doug Hoffman. Go Doug!


TEA Party Express II Coming To Beaumont November 7


Protesting the MSM!

>> October 20, 2009

Good video of ACTIVE Can you hear us now protest at CNN in Georgia.
Bonus: Evanescence background music.



30 Republican Senators Dropped the Ball

>> October 19, 2009

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 19:  Former Halliburton/...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
via The Guardian - Here is the case of Jamie Leigh Jones, the defense contractor who was gang raped by employees of KBR and prevented from suing her employer by terms of her contract which "forced" (unfortunate wording) arbitration in lieu of lawsuit.

It would seem to me that if KBR in fact turned a blind eye to this situation that they were the ones who broke their contract with Ms. Jones and that she would still have the right to sue for damages.

I only bring up this case to point out the fact that thirty (30) Republican Congressmen voted against an amendment to the "2010 Defense Appropriations Bill that would withhold defense contracts from companies like KBR if they restrict their employees from taking workplace sexual assault, battery and discrimination cases to court."

Now I'm no fan of Senator Al Frankin,  but, I think the Republicans just missed an opportunity to do the right thing here. Never mind that they just gave the dem's a huge card to play in the coming elections. Maybe they didn't like the amendment's wording. At least argue for modification.

I'm open for comment on this.
Can someone show me where I'm missing the point?

I'm well aware of the fact that Halliburton and KBR are big campaign contributors. I'm trying not to go there but...


Monday Evening Roundup

Tower of Babel (M. C.image via Wikipedia
First, it seems the Large Hadron Collider is under attack "From the Future":
Scientists claim the giant atom-smashing Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is being jinxed from the future to save the world.
Time travelers from the future sabotaging LHC?
Or maybe it's a P.O.S. ?
Or something.
They are, after all, trying to find the "God Particle".
Does anyone remember the tower of Babel?
Just sayin'...
Here's the piece at FOX

Speaking of Babbling, here's an update on the WH Communications Chief Anita Dunn: speaking in Jan 2008 to a foreign government on the Obama Campaign's media tactics:
 "Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control," said Dunn.

"...a huge part of our press strategy was focused on making the media cover what Obama was actually saying as opposed to why the campaign was saying it..."

Sounds like they haven't changed much since the campaign, just got a lot more power behind the message.

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