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>> October 3, 2009

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I thought I would share this from recent readings...
"We owe every other sacrifice to ourselves, to our federal brethren, and to the world at large to pursue with temper and perseverance the great experiment which shall prove that man is capable of living in [a] society governing itself by laws self-imposed, and securing to its members the enjoyment of life, liberty, property, and peace; and further, to show that even when the government of its choice shall manifest a tendency to degeneracy, we are not at once to despair, but that the will and the watchfulness of its sounder parts will reform its aberrations, recall it to original and legitimate principles, and restrain it within the rightful limits of self government"
~ Thomas Jefferson, as quoted in W. Cleon Skousen’s, The Making of America, pp.238-239


American Journalist Accused by Canadian Court - Wait ~ What? CANADA?

Dr. Paul Williams and Hamid Mir

Next week, investigative journalist and author Dr. Paul L. Williams will be tried in a foreign court for his investigative work on reports of al Qaeda terrorists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.
But he broke no American statute and his alleged violation of Canadian law took place not in Canada, but at his home in Pennsylvania.
Williams got into a legal jam with the Canadians while discussing his book The Dunces of Doomsday on the nationally syndicated “Coast-to-Coast AM” radio program with George Noory.
To make matters more bizarre, Williams had been advised by the Ontario Provincial Police to issue warnings to his fellow Americans about terrorist activity at the Canadian university that placed the lives of countless millions of Americans in jeopardy.
The case is significant since it represents the first time an American journalist is being forced to submit to Canadian law.
Williams has been stripped of his Constitutional rights and forced to deplete his financial savings to pay for his Canadian lawyers.
“The matter would have gone away if I simply signed an apology,” Williams said, “but what kind of journalist would I be if I apologized for telling the truth?”
He estimates that the cost of the lawsuit already has topped $500,000.
Don't give up the fight. Support Dr. Paul L. Williams here.



I'm Not A Doctor, But I Play One On TV

>> October 2, 2009

Great Parody


Preserve, Protect and Defend:

I've been getting schooled today on the subject of Protectionism by my new friend Jeffrey Ellis at The Thinker.
If you'd like to see his post and our discussion you can do so here.

On the news front,
In case you haven't heard, Obama and Oprah may be sellin', but the IOC ain't buyin'. There is some common sense in the world.
Here is a telling videos from the State Run Media:
CNN Anchor in Disbelief:

Via Hot Air
So Sad


Move Over Darwin...

From National Geographic:
Oldest "Human" Skeleton Found--Disproves "Missing Link"
"The fossil puts to rest the notion, popular since Darwin's time, that a chimpanzee-like missing link—resembling something between humans and today's apes—would eventually be found at the root of the human family tree. Indeed, the new evidence suggests that the study of chimpanzee anatomy and behavior—long used to infer the nature of the earliest human ancestors—is largely irrelevant to understanding our beginnings."
Guess I'll have to redraw my family tree.
Hat Tip - Hot Air


Cover to Palin's Top Seller "Going Rogue" Released

Many thanks to Gateway Pundit and WORLDmag

The book won't be released until November and she's already topped the list at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
The Politico reported that the sales were unprecedented!
Go Sarah Palin!


Amy Lee Scaling The Walls Late Night

Just because she's hot.


Can the County Sheriff Save the Constitution?

>> October 1, 2009

From Patrick Krey at the The New American comes this story: "Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, is not afraid to ruffle some feathers in order to halt what he considers violations of the U.S. Constitution.
In 1993, Congress passed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (commonly referred to as the Brady Bill), which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton and went into effect on February 28, 1994. A provision of the Brady Bill compelled state and local law-enforcement officials to perform mandatory background checks. Mack, then a Graham County sheriff, was outraged. In response, Mack gained distinction by being the first sheriff in the nation to file a lawsuit against the Brady Bill. The lawsuit made it all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the provision was indeed unconstitutional as a violation of the Tenth Amendment principles of federalism."
Read the rest of the article here
More about Sheriff Mack at


Rush Gives Platform to ‘Susan From Glendale’ in Epic 21-Minute Call

Thanks to watch all three clips.

Go Susan!


Second Amendment Under Fire:

>> September 30, 2009

From David G. Savage:

"The Supreme Court set the stage for a historic ruling on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment by agreeing today to hear a challenge to Chicago's ban on handguns.

At issue is whether state and local gun-control ordinances can be struck down as violating the "right to keep and bear arms" in the 2nd Amendment.

A ruling on the issue, due by next summer, could open the door to legal challenges to various gun control measures in cities and states across the nation.

The case also will decide whether the 2nd Amendment protects a broad constitutional right, similar to the 1st Amendment's right to free speech or the 4th Amendment's right against unreasonable searches and seizures.

In the past, the Supreme Court had given short shrift to the 2nd Amendment by saying it applied only to national laws and that its aim was to preserve "well-regulated militias."

This quite narrow view of the amendment conflicted with the views of most Americans, according to opinion polls."

The entire piece at The Swamp.

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