Southeast Texas RINO's?

>> November 4, 2009

UPDATE 4/5 am: KBMT picked up the story (with video)

UPDATE 4/5 am: SETXhomepage (also with video)
True switch? I'm encouraged but skeptical.

From Blair Dedrick Ortmann at the Beaumont Enterprise:
"The following is a list of Hardin County officials who announced today they were switching their political party affiliations.

All of the officials changed from Democrat to Republican.

County Judge Billy Carraway
Precinct 4 Commissioner Bobby Franklin
County attorney Rebecca Walton
Sheriff Ed Cain
Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings
Constable Wayne McDaniel
Justice of the Peace Kent Walker"

Hmmm, is the ship sinking? Do these officials know something we don't? Did they see something in last night's election coverage that suddenly changed their ideology? Do they think we won't remember this in 2010? One has to wonder, doesn't one.
I don't live or vote in Hardin County. Just thought I'd share this for those that do.
Make a list folks. Take note and do some searching for voting records and political platforms. Let's just see what kind of republicans these officials will be.


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