Marine Sgt. John Eubanks...

>> November 6, 2009

like so many others I hear of, wanted to go back to Iraq on his own terms to deal with his personal struggle. 

Via the recent USO Newsletter:

"When Marine Sgt. John Eubanks first went to Iraq, he was an infantryman and a weapons specialist. In the middle of his second tour in 2005, he suffered back injuries and a traumatic brain injury when his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device. Since then, Sgt. Eubanks has undergone numerous medical procedures, but perhaps none has been as therapeutic as his recent return to Iraq as a visitor. During his recovery, Sgt. Eubanks wrote about what such a journey would be like for him and other wounded warriors.

In October, when Sgt. Eubanks and six other wounded soldiers returned to Iraq as part of Operation Proper Exit, those written wishes became reality.

"I believe these visits by our Wounded Warriors are important as they allow them to see the improvements in Iraq and that their sacrifices weren't made in vain," said MNF-I Commanding General Ray Odierno of the visit.

This was Operation Proper Exit’s second trip, a new program sponsored by the USO in partnership with the Troops First Foundation. Thirteen wounded warriors have returned to Iraq to answer the questions left there when they abruptly were taken off the battlefield on stretchers. To read more about these healing journeys and watch the warriors' personal stories, please visit: "

More on Sgt. Eubanks and other troops involved in Operation Proper Exit at BlackAnthemMilitaryNews

But before you head off... Don't forget to honor our hero's who have given so much in the service to our country. Please, make a donation to Valour-IT today. 

Granted, I'm mixing charities here but we're all on the same team right? After all, Little Miss Attila was mixing metaphors just yesterday. Can one mix charities with metaphors? Charitaphors? Metapharities?
Now I know it's late.

Armed Forces dates to mark on your calendars:
* The USS NEW YORK -- made from the steel of the World Trade Center -- will be commissioned in New York on November 7.
* Happy 234th Birthday, U.S. Marine Corps (November 10)!
* November 11 — Veterans Day.  (End of Project Valour-IT)

Also, Cassandra at Villainous Company has a tribute you should read. 


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