The Conservative Debate: To Be Or Not To Be A Third Party

>> March 15, 2010

Conservative Blogger Debates continue.
From The Resistance:

This is probably one of the most pressing issues on the conservative side of the ideological spectrum. Weather Conservatives should to move to form and vote for a true conservative 3rd party or to drive the Republicans to become a more solid and reliable Conservative party. In this round of the conservative debate we have Don from Present Discontent and regular contributor to Conservative Hideout 2.0 and Scratcher from Makes My Brain Itch. Both of these excellent bloggers are members of The Resistance as well.
The question posed to the participants is:
Some people think, long term, that a true Conservative 3rd party is necessary, because the Republicans have proven only slightly better than Democrats when they were in power. The thinking goes, we are never going to change Washington, so why bother voting in the Republicans.
Other say that we need to refocus the Republicans because if we actually form a 3rd party, we are guaranteeing that the left will win election after election.
The question is what should the focus of Conservatives be going forward, a revitalized Republican party or a true Conservative party?
Scratcher is up first.
Be sure to check Makes My Brain Itch for his response and Don for the rebuttal and motorcitytimes for links to reactions from across the blog-o-sphere.


Gorges Smythe March 15, 2010 at 7:07 PM  

An admitted pessimist, I believe that it's already too late to save this country when the best the democrats could come up with was Obama and the best the republicans could find was McCain. That was almost like having to choose between Satan and his twin brother. More conservative candidates ran in both parties, but nobody voted for them. We have become a nation of idiots and have exactly the president that most voters deserve. We can tell the truth all we want, but no one will listen and the Bible is full of stories about what happens to nations that won't listen to the truth.

Maggie Thornton March 15, 2010 at 11:20 PM  

I'm on the side of no third party right now. I think we have a chance for a new day dawning in the Republican party.

The question of our focus, in my opinion, is three things: 1) smaller government, 2) lower taxes and 3) adherence to the Founder's vision.

Nos. 1 and 2 are about the same. No. 3 is trickier because we are already so many years out from entitlements, and unconstitutional rulings on immigration. Nevertheless, Conservatives must do what we can from this time forward to cite them and follow them, including killing the living breathing constitution view.

I agree that a third party now will hand everything to Liberals.

Good subject. Well worth pondering. I'll go read.

Longhaired Conservative March 16, 2010 at 10:31 AM  

Gorges I can certainly empathize with your feelings. It is said that a people get the government they deserve. I don't know what "I" did to deserve this! I truly hope we can make it through with enough resolve to begin a deconstruction of entitlements. The alternative scares the livin' sh*t out of me.

Hi MT. (Or should I call you Mrs. Thornton?) Thanks for commenting!

"cite them and follow them, including killing the living breathing constitution view." - Amen to that. You are spot on and I'd go deeper still. repeal 16, 17 + Audit then abolish the Fed. Probably not doable near-term but in 2014? 2016?

Maggie Thornton March 16, 2010 at 3:06 PM  

@Long-haired Conservative: I'm called everything from Maggs to Maggie to names I can't mention here. MT or anything you would like to call me is great!

I certainly agree with the repeals and the audit you mention.

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