Conservative Blogger Debate - Third Party Vote Wasted?

>> March 20, 2010

This installment of the debates is quite interesting in that the combatants delve into what could be some make or break moments for the Republican party in 2010.

If you need a break from the Health Care debacle and still desire some edification and learned conversation, check out these fine websites to consider with us where the direction of the conservative movement should be going forward, and how best to arrive.

Motor City Times has the moderation.
Present Discontent has the first response and rebuttal.
Makes My Brain Itch replies.

The Classic Liberal is also following the debate and has some points of his own to add.

One more point on Health Care, Russ at That's Right has decided to point fingers again, this time at the good guys and directs our attention to a standout in the recent jousting match. Rep. Paul Ryan. You can read his piece here. I couldn't agree more my friend. Have a good weekend. BTW, nice hat.

Gator Doug steps in with some comic relief. Who couldn't use a little of that right now?


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