Clash of the Titan Conservatives

>> March 16, 2010

The Conservative Blogger Debates continue, with Motor City Times and The Classic Liberal acting as moderators and the combatants or sparring partners being Don at Present Discontent and Conservative Hideout vs. Scratcher at Makes My Brain Itch.

Be sure to read the fine points espoused on both sides of the question: "What should the focus of Conservatives be going forward, a revitalized Republican party or a true Conservative party?"

Now that the dust has settled from the first two debates, I would like to reference a comment made on the sidelines that I personally think was spot on and begs to be on a front page somewhere. Why not mine? It was made by darcprynce who resides over at The Daley Gator. His comment was on the CBD Palin Edition concerning what a difference her policies may have had if implemented as opposed to Obama's. He said:

"...what impact, if any, do you think Sarah Palin’s prior actions as governor or policy pronouncements more recently, would have on any given specific economic indicator or the economy in general?"
You mean if she'd been elected President instead of Odipshit?
Uh... well, she likely wouldn't have signed off on a massive, pork-laden "stimulus" bill, so average people wouldn't be hesitant to spend their money for fear of losing everything they own down the road, when Obamaflation roars over us like a tidal wave from some 1970s disaster movie.
She wouldn't have spent a year frightening everyone with endless talk of socializing the health care industry, so businesses would be hiring people in expectation of a future America which doesn't so closely resemble Castro's Cuba.
She wouldn't be threatening to raise every conceivable tax over the next few years, so company owners would be able to make reasonable business plans without fear of their elected representatives bashing them in the teeth at every turn for daring to be successful.
Nobody would be concerned with the possibility of her selling out our sovereignty to a bunch of Marxist assholes at the UN, so people who might be considering shooting themselves or someone else over that sort of crap would probably mellow out and concentrate on earning a living.
Cap & Trade legislation would be off the table, so the energy industry wouldn't be shitting its pants waiting for the next federal shoe to drop, and might actually begin to expand production for the first time since I was in grade school.
And who knows, maybe Mrs. Palin would have the basic common sense to... oh, I don't know... not bail out huge failing corporations like GM, thus strangling the corrupt, mafia-run unions that have helped run them into the ground, instead of rewarding the pricks and incentivising them to remain the royal fuck-ups they are indefinitely.
Of course, I could be wrong.
My response to this was: "@DarcPrynce Bravo! Well said. I think you hit the heart of the situation we are in, or at least close to it. It is a crisis of confidence. The people and business owners don't want to risk capital in the current climate..."

You can relive the whole blow by blow account at That's Right and Present Discontent and Republican Redefined

Stay tuned for more Robotic Punditry.

That headline? Yea, I know it was blatant, but brilliant don't you think? I bet I get a few clicks out of it. hehe


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