Obama Want's Your DNA, Guilty or Not

>> March 11, 2010

The hit's just keep coming...

Now El Presidente' Obummer has proposed creating a national database of harvested DNA samples from every person arrested, regardless of guilt or innocence!

This is getting oh so Nineteen eighty four. I wonder sometimes if we are, in fact, too late to stem the tide of tyranny. It seems more like a Tsunami of invasion and abuses.

Obama appeared on the TV show "America's Most Wanted" (Why not!) and was interviewed by the host John Walsh:

"We have 18 states who are taking DNA upon arrest," Walsh said. "It’s no different than fingerprinting or a booking photo. ... Since those states have been doing it, it has cleared 200 people that are innocent from jail." "It’s the right thing to do"” Obama replied. "This is where the national registry becomes so important, because what you have is individual states — they may have a database, but if they’re not sharing it with the state next door, you’ve got a guy from Illinois driving over into Indiana, and they’re not talking to each other."

Well, if 18 states (?!) have already lain down like lambs, what's the problem with doing it at the federal level?


Ever hear of a search warrant? reasonable suspicion? I'm not a lawyer but this is invasion of privacy plain and simple, not to mention illegal search and seizure, and those are just for starters.

And you want these invasive bastards running your health care system?

Good luck with that.

The full story here.

I've got to go to work. Some illegals are depending on me.
Meanwhile, enjoy the music.


Amusing Bunni March 11, 2010 at 12:40 PM  

Hi LhC!
I was surfing the other night and saw obummer on Most Wanted, and I thouhgt, "Oh goody, he's finally been arrested for Treason"! I wish.
I just kept flipping channels, because I literally cannot stand to listen to this lying commie anymore.

I'm glad you posted this. Now I know what he really was up to. It gets worse very day. They are invading too much of our privacy, and I fear it might be too late to rein them in.

Jeff Stone March 11, 2010 at 12:54 PM  

Technology and "The Usual Suspects" have caught up with one another.

Now all the cops need to do is figure out how to get throwdown DNA.

Red March 12, 2010 at 11:17 AM  

Love me some Chaka Kahn and Rufus. This one's on my iPhone.

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