Understanding the Different Forms of Government

>> March 27, 2010

I have said more than a few times within these pixellated pages that we have been slipping towards Democracy and Socialism. Some would say that we have embraced them already. Some of our leaders most assuredly have. It is my opinion that in order to right the course of our ship of state the people should again be educated. That education has been lacking in our schools for quite a while.
Here is a video shared by a fellow TEA Party member on the various forms of government. Simple and easy to understand.

Where we are in terms of any "ism" is not relative but absolute, even if hard to define or point out on a graph. However, where we are to me though is not as important right now as where we are going. That is why I resist even the smallest encroachment of liberty, because where we are going is not to freedom but to slavery and tyranny.


Evisum April 1, 2010 at 1:19 PM  

"No Taxation Without PROPER Representation"

Here is a suggestion to return the House of Representatives back to the people. We desperately need the help of your organization.


Stan Klos


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