Democrats’ Health Overhaul Dangerously Expands IRS Authority

>> March 26, 2010

There I was, happily working along when the phone rings. Its a friend asking for my email addy. She then sends me some blog fodder that I must stop what I'm doing and share with you...
From the Committee on Ways and Means Republican Report
Prepared for Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) and Charles Boustany (RLA),
Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Oversight
March 18, 2010

***Highlights of New IRS Authority***

  • IRS agents verify if you have “acceptable” health care coverage
  • IRS has the authority to fine you up to $2,250 or 2 percent of your income (whichever is greater) for failure to prove that you have purchased “minimum essential coverage”
  • IRS can confiscate your tax refund
  • IRS audits are likely to increase
  • IRS will need up to $10 billion to administer the new health care program this decade
  • IRS may need to hire as many as 16,500 additional auditors, agents and other employees to investigate and collect billions in new taxes from Americans
  • Nearly half of all these new individual mandate taxes will be paid by Americans earning less than 300 percent of poverty ($66,150 for a family of four)


  • Democrats prohibit the IRS from imposing these taxes and penalties on illegal immigrants

All of it stinks to high heaven. I only highlighted the worst part of it, to me. 
Hay, Here's an idea, I think I'll just renounce my citizenship and live off of all of you suckas for the rest of my days. How does that sound? Freaking maroons.
Read the entire report here.

HT Sharon (Reformed liberal - Congrats!)
Total Recall
Now that I've been taken away from my project for a bit, I may as well share something else with you. 

There was a glimmer of hope I saw earlier, illustr8r, the new blogger at iOwnTheWorld is quoting Mark Levin as having opined (I'm paraphrasing) "Let's Recall Congress". What a grand idea! I like it better than the renouncing my citizenship thing, but something's gotta give. illustr8r has a cool movie poster graphic too. Check it out.

Now back to your irregularly scheduled, rapidly increasing, unfortunately depressing, destruction of America...


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