Today's Reading Assignment: No Slackers Edition

>> March 5, 2010

There's a post over at The Classic Liberal where he writes about the very real possibility of a global economic collapse. That possibility should give every American and all citizen's of the world reason to question the so-called good intentions of their respective governments.

I'm still reeling from the implications of it.

Given the gloom and doom nature of the post, I jokingly remarked at how much fun TheCL would be at a party, but if he and the MIT and LSE authors of the original article quoted here are correct, then there is mighty struggle ahead. I dare say apocalyptic even.

I bring this up to warn you, and to push the point home yet again that free people must hold their elected officials accountable. We can no longer brush aside any unjust, misuse of power, even if it is used against a group who we dislike. Abuse of power should never be ignored, especially to the least of us. Left to it's own devices, one day the cold boot of tyranny will kick down even a Governor's door.

The articles explain, in much greater detail than I can begin to fully comprehend, that power can be wielded against us not only with a gun but with the Treasury's printing presses and secret backroom deals by the elitists in their little cocoons, shielded from the society they despise as only despots can.

As TheCL rightly said, our country needs leaders. It needs YOU to be a leader. America needs you to wake up. She desperately needs us all.

I said in an earlier post that these politicians will not go quietly. I think the past few months of the Health Care fiasco has proved me right on that end.

We've got a long battle ahead. Dig in, keep reading, calling your legislators, reminding them that they work for the people, encouraging them to do what is right for our nation:

Stop deficit spending.
Stop government corruption.
Lame Duck the Obamachine until we can get some real conservatives back in office, only then will meaningful change be possible.

And remember to Pray. Pray for our leaders that they would do what is best for the country. Pray for them to follow God's will.

Now, as the saying goes; Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Go read TheCL's article. Then go read the other two he refers to here and here.
Prepare to be sobered up.


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