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>> March 4, 2010

Just What Isn't For Sale In This Administration?

Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes? | The Weekly Standard 

Louisiana, Nevada, Nebraska, and now we're selling votes for... Judges.


No, not two... ONE. 1. Singular.


You'd better get in now, while the prices are still low!

Once those votes are gone, they're gone!

See, The Washington Standard got it a bit wrong I think. They said that Obama may have sold the Judgeship for a vote. But I think it was the other way around. Obama sold the vote. He sold more than one vote, and those sales will cost us all dearly.


If you haven't made your deal yet, time is r-r-r-running out!

Call the 24 hour hotline on your screen now and make us an offer! Hey. Who knows?  I hear the First Amendment is going for the price of a song!

As long as you don't sing.

Hat Tip  - Texas Jim


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