TEA Party Patriots Contract FROM America Update: Need Your Help

>> October 28, 2009

I've suggested to the TPP-CFA the idea that big pharma spread their R&D across the world market and allow drug imports from other countries. As suggested in my earlier post. I didn't see it in the list so, it is there now.
If this idea is going to gain any ground, it needs some votes (ratings), so, those of you that are TEA Partiers or are interested, sign in or register here and rate/vote here (click on the "vote now" button, then click on the amount of stars you wish to give that suggestion. I'd go five *hint*). All of the other ideas that I listed are represented on the health care portion of the CFA pages in some form, so, no need to suggest them again (Although some do. Why is that? Read the list before you post something that has been suggested.) Also,  rate (vote) for your other favorite health care initiatives.
There are other categories as well. Check them all out.
I really like the idea of the Contract FROM America. It is truly grassroots to the core.
Join the TEA Party Patriots today!


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