Conservative Candidate Roundup - Updated 11/18

>> October 25, 2009

UPDATED 12/8/09
The other day I was looking for a list of conservatives running for offices across the US. I couldn't find one. Thus is born the CCR (not the band). I'll be posting links to blogs discussing the candidates along with their websites. If you have any suggestions for true conservative candidates, you can email me at pbgreen at hotmail dot com.

Virginia: Statewide roundup of Conservatives at REDNoVA

BackyardConservative: In Florida Senate race: Rubio Rising: Yes He Can
BackyardConservative: Rubio Climbing Higher and Higher
Marco Rubio Q & A on Morning Joe

FL District 22
Col. Allen West news at RS McCain
Allen West

Blonde Sagacity: BLACKFIVE's Matt Burden is running for State Representative in Illinois' 41st district.
AceOfSpadesHQ: Vote Matt Burden (BLACKFIVE)
LorieByrd: I Wish I Could Vote for Matt Burden
Help Matt Burden here.

UPDATE: Added 12-7-09
US Congress in Illinois 8th District - Joe Walsh endorsed by blogger Paul Mitchell who is also running in Illinois for State Representative in the 62nd District, Paul's blog can be found here and in my blogroll as Thoughts of a Regular Guy.

Reboot Congress: Ed Martin's race to unseat Russ Carnahan in Missouri's third Congressional District
Ed Martin's site can be found here.

Also at Reboot Congress: Paul Curtman running for state representative in Missouri's HD105 - link goes to  video which, I think, launched him to the forefront.
Paul Curtman's site is here.

Sister Toldja comments on Michelle Bachmann, who is running for congressional re-election in Minnesota
UPDATE: Just found a video at Legalize the Constitution recorded earlier of M.B. on the House Floor summing it all up. Love Michelle.
Help Michelle Bachmann here.

Added 12/ 8/09
Danny Tarkanian for US Senate - Opposing Harry Reid
The Other McCain has more on Danny Tarkanian

UPDATE: It ain't over?
UPDATE: Hoffman did concede again in order to concentrate on a vigorous 2010 run. Good luck Doug.
Doug Hoffman NY-23 - RS McCain has continuing coverage of the race.
Also, from Hot Air: NY23: Ordinary Americans Make Miracles Happen — Start Doing What You Can!
Update #1: Fred Thompson endorses Doug Hoffman
Doug Hoffman's website is here.

Pat Toomey is running for Senator in a tight race in Pennsylvania LGT NRO article
Hat Tip to Blonde Sagacity
Pat Toomy's website is here.

Where I Stand: Sam Filder announces for Utah State Senator
Blackfive: "Sam Filder is the kind of man you want protecting your family"
Help Sam Filder here.

Related: A couple of political event calendars leading to and including the 2010 elections -
Here is the link
Here's another for 2009


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