Republicans Are Losing The Conservative Base

>> October 27, 2009

Ok, check this out: I'm quoting a comment from the "Quote of the Day" section of Hot Air, who is quoting Reagan. My head is spinning. It's like one of those crazy mirrors where it just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Puleeeze make it stop!

"How much more clear can we possibly get, for the Party to understand our discontent, our disconnect, and our disatisfaction with what the Party has become? They are now trying to "brand" us as the "Radical Right"–this is why people are not identifying with the Party. They are trying to marginalize us, in the same way that Obama has done to the Republican Party. This the losing strategy of the Party.
What part of the saying, "I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Party left me" don’t they understand?"
lovingmyUSA on October 27, 2009
Spot on. I say Oust the RINO's in 2010 & 2012!

I'm loving "lovingmyUSA". You hang in there. ~ I hope you're not a guy, cause, you know, I'm loving you. But hey, if you are, I still love you anyway, cause I can do that. It doesn't make me weird(er).


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