Legal Challenges to Obama Care

>> March 30, 2010

Red State has a good, short summary today on the legal challenges to ObamaCare.
From the article:

Obamacare mandates that individual citizens purchase a product, on penalty of fines, that is not available in interstate commerce, all theoretically in the name of regulating interstate commerce? Just to speak the concept aloud is to be struck dumb by the breathtaking arrogance of Congress in passing this bill, and the disregard for the Constitutional limits on their power.

I remember leaving a comment on a site the other day about the interstate commerce contradiction.
Glad someone of the legal profession is taking up that thought, if nothing else, at least to explore it.

I also recommend a look at the comments section, in there I found a link to an interview with Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General, who is one of the 13 States' AGs filing suit against the rights-eating legislation.

Read it here.


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