What To Call Obama Supporters

>> February 12, 2010

IMAO is hosting a fun little game to come up with what in the world to call the  Obummer supporters. I offered what I believe will be the WIN, although at this point my comment is still awaiting moderation. (This is the first time I've commented on IMAO's blog so it's to be expected). (Success! I passed muster of the IMAO moderator!) There are some pretty imaginative ones over there so, go check it out and offer a suggestion or two.

I personally liked the one that said simply "Mom".


That had to hurt. I can feel her pain though, my Dad is ate up with the Democrat too, although to his credit, he didn't vote for B.H.O. I don't think he voted at all last year.


What? You're still here? Go on, Git!

Image found at Murphy Klasing’s Conservative Blog.


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You win the "I scrolled to the bottom of the blog award". Which is an empty paper bag of hot air. But then, if you made it this far, that is exactly what you've received. Glad you stopped by.
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