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>> February 7, 2010

While we're cussing and discussing food, I'll share a new blog with you. Found through one of my other faves Little Miss Attila.
I dug on it not because he's based in Houston, Texas, which is near and dear to my heart, or because he's a musician (I like musicians; they sometimes let me hang with them), or because he writes about food amongst other things or the fact that he's got Obummer down pat so he's got that goin' for him as well. I just liked it right off. So, go check it out...
Didn' I Tell You?: Food!!!!!Eleventy!!

Also, be sure to stop by Eye of Polyphemus and say hello. He has been very gracious to the Robot in past weeks for no apparent reason. Giving linky love without asking for returns. Most gracious indeed. Thank you kind sir!


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You win the "I scrolled to the bottom of the blog award". Which is an empty paper bag of hot air. But then, if you made it this far, that is exactly what you've received. Glad you stopped by.
Please, while you're here, hit he USO tip jar. Thanks.

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