Senator Shelby Holds Obama Nominations Hostage

>> February 5, 2010

Via a FB friend... and the Alabama TEA Party
Senator Shelby placed "blanket holds" on 70 nominations awaiting Senate debate and approval pending two spending programs for his home state of Alabama. While it may seem like this is holding out for pork spending, in reality it just makes sense to make use of the stimulus money to actually create jobs rather than using it for Obummers private slush fund.

We cannot confirm any previous use of a blanket hold in recent history. But it makes sense to spend federal dollars on programs (in any state) that either maintains employment or REALLY creates jobs. The idea of killing hundreds of thousands of jobs each month and then saying the “stimulus” is creating them is delusional. Americans who haven’t awakened to the reality that their tax dollars are being spent, not to create or hold jobs, but to pay off unions, ACORN and others who helped put Obama into power, need to adjust to the reality of it very quickly. Someone MUST put an end to this and the only people who can are the members of the GOP. They aren’t the party of “NO”, they are the party of NO WE WON’T GO ALONG WITH IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING any longer.
Read the rest here.

UPDATE: I'm getting a bit of schooling here from The Trog who points to interesting takes on the issue.  Attila Girl just flat out thinks he's an idiot.

Part of me likes the fact that their own (Dem's) tactics are getting used against them and from an ex Dem no less. Plus, I would like the money to go for defense spending in the US. I don't care if it's in Alabama or any other state.

On the other hand, if it is just pork spending and politics as usual, as the a fore mentioned astute bloggers have pointed out, then hopefully the people of Alabama will pay attention and get rid of their RINO when the time comes.


fore.sharon February 5, 2010 at 4:46 PM  

Thought you might like this..thanks for adding it to your blog.

Longhaired Conservative February 5, 2010 at 4:54 PM  

Thanks for the tip!

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