Merry Christmas! From Harry Reid

>> December 24, 2009

I truly wish I could have written just a light-hearted Ho Ho Ho or something today but I awoke this morning to the sound of our Constitution being crumpled up like an old newspaper and thrown in the waste bin or used to light a fire.

Even though the Senate passed their version of a Health Care takeover this morning, I find a small comfort in knowing the fight is not over. Our Texas Governor is calling for other Governors to battle this P.O.S. by way of the Tenth Amendment and any other way possible. Here is a link to the letter I am told was sent to other State Governors that may be willing to join in the fray.

While I don't agree with Governor Perry on everything, I will praise him when praise is due. We need to acknowledge and encourage Gov. Perry and any other lawmaker willing to stand up for our rights.

The big spenders in the Senate (with our money) this morning also passed a measure that increases the debt limit to unprecedented levels (12.4 trillion dollars).

Who wouldn't be able to have a Merry Christmas with that kind of cash? This is freakin ridiculous.

I'm off to find the rum and eggnog.

Sincerely though, I do wish you a Merry Christmas and while you are at it, say a prayer for our nation and its leaders. They need it badly.

H/T SETX Tea Party


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