Call or Email Your Senators! Keep The Pressure On!

>> December 23, 2009

Here is the email I sent to mine:

Dear Senator Hutchison,
I'm very concerned about the over reaching arm our government has grown. I am opposed to the takeovers and bailouts and this monstrous healthcare bill being voted on this Christmas. What a pitiful present to give to the American people. Please, I urge you to help in obstructing it's passage in any way possible. I am also against any increase in the debt limit that might get voted on this week or in the future. Thank you for serving the Great State of Texas.


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You win the "I scrolled to the bottom of the blog award". Which is an empty paper bag of hot air. But then, if you made it this far, that is exactly what you've received. Glad you stopped by.
Please, while you're here, hit he USO tip jar. Thanks.

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