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>> April 19, 2010

In the Will They Ever Learn Department:
Senator Linsey Graham R(ino) from S.C along with his Democrat handlers have decided once again that those dangerous carbon emissions are more important than jobs or your economic security. The new energy proposal promises higher taxes on gasoline, which will be tacked on to the existing taxes on gasoline.

I hear the bill also contains the requirement to buy carbon credits that I suppose one could purchase if you breathe too heavily while exerting all the extra effort needed to earn the money to pay for the carbon credits. *pant*
Enough already! When will these morans realize that we don't need or want higher taxes. We need jobs. But that's not the objective is it? Sadly it is not. The Democrats' purpose with this and any new bill of late is more control over your life by telling you what you are allowed to do. Granted, they don't come out and say a person can't drive across country, but they will make it so expensive as to be financially impossible. What happened to liberty?

They continue marching on the the Al Gore drumbeat of a fake Global Warming hoax. Man did not cause the climate to change, if it is changing at all, the cause is far from man-made. Has anyone noticed a large plume of ash currently circling the atmosphere? Was that man-made? Has anyone heard of climate cycles?

The only thing Republicans should be doing right now is digging in their heels and saying no to everything this regime proposes. Bi-partisan should be a word we don't hear for the next three years!

The Senators writing the legislation are dangling the carrot of offshore drilling in an attempt to sucker in some support for the legislation. I say don't reach for it. After the Health Care fiasco, I'm against anything, ANYTHING this congress wants to do.
In the words of Nancy Reagan, Just. Say. No.


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