Obummer Reads to Sixth Graders

>> January 25, 2010

He has finally found his target audience.
This has been circulating lately. Word is that this image is NOT photoshopped. Take a look.

Now, I wouldn't bother commenting on this normally but - ahem - as a person who works with sound systems quite often I notice that there are three Three THREE! speakers, or as we in the trade call them, monitors, Monitors MONITORS! in front of Obummer. This is a wee bit of overkill. Basically those are used in the music biz to hear one's self over the music a fully amplified band is going to throw at you as a singer, or as a speaker in front of a large audience with a Public Address system. Obummer looks like he's in a classroom not much bigger than my studio's playroom. I certainly don't need even one One ONE! monitor in there just to hear myself talk to a room full of sixth graders. Mr. Prez. is really and truly in love with his voice to use any Any ANY! monitors at all in this situation.

We are really in trouble if he sees himself in the light this portrays. I mean really. He's also got the freakin Presidential Seal Prayer Rug, a Presidential Podium plus two Two TWO! teleprompters and the Secret Service agent to keep him warm and cozy. Most people I know would have walked in, pulled up a little kiddie chair and talked to those little people like they were well, little people, young men and women, not serfs or peons to be impressed or spoken down to, which is just what he did.

What our Prez wants is...
More Cowbell.

HT: Hummers and Cigarettes
Cowbama graphic via No Sheeples Here and Mako Snark

Update: It seems the Robot made a wee mistake pointing out the three Three THREE! monitors on the floor in front of Obummer. After closer review and searching, I've found out that two of those were the teleprompter bases and the man standing behind is in fact Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Sorry about that Arne. Although I must say, you're looking in pretty fit there. I thought you were Secret Service. Ooops! I still would contend that the center box IS a monitor speaker which, with the teleprompters is overkill  for a speech to 30 students.

Ok, there it is. My first correction. Now, If we could get some in Congress to recognize some of their mistakes, we'd get along just fine.


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