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>> January 8, 2010

Off politics for a bit...
A good friend of mine, a wonderfully talented musician and incredibly likeable guy, is once again in the running for many honors in the Texas Music Awards.
You can hear clips and purchase his music at
or you can go to and check out all four of his CDs and listen to song clips and read/leave reviews.

If you are so inclined, you can go to  and click on "Nominate now". This will bring you to the nominations page.
Robert is eligible for:

Entertainer of the Year
Singer/Songwriter OTY
Record OTY: Robert Frith
Song OTY: Miss Saturday Night
Male Vocalist OTY
Album OTY: Robert Frith
Musician OTY
and Producer OTY

Click over and give Robert a listen. He lives and plays in Southeast Texas, so you Houstonians and S/E Texans can catch one of his gigs too.


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