Ron Paul Gains Momentum...

>> December 28, 2009

From the Houston Chronicle:

Paul goes from ridicule to respect
No one would have been surprised if the Lake Jackson congressman had slipped off the political radar after his 2008 quixotic bid for the presidency, his ambitions for higher office thwarted.
But Paul has refused to go out to the political pasture to live in comfortable irrelevance. As odd as it may seem, he has become one of the most influential Republicans in a capital city dominated by liberal Democrats.
The subject that has brought him to prominence is the same issue that subjected him to ridicule from establishment Republicans for years: his long-standing opposition to the nation's monetary system and the Federal Reserve Board that prints money and controls its supply.
"On economic matters, he was seen as a way outside the mainstream," University of Houston political scientist Richard Murray said. "His views were somewhat 19th century in the view of a lot of economists."
Well, they say history repeats itself, and suddenly Paul's "19th-century" thinking seems appealing to those suffering through the first economic meltdown of the 21st century...
...Paul's proposal to audit the Federal Reserve — first introduced by the Texas congressman more than 20 years ago — recently sailed through the House Financial Services Committee.
His bill has an astonishing 317 co-sponsors in the House, three-quarters of the chamber's members.

Surprising to the Chronicle maybe, but not to me.
I don't think Paul's economic ideas are far from our founders' ideals.

As far as I'm concerned, you can take all the new fangled economist's hokum, mingle it with the strategies of so-called prosperity from the leftists, bundle it up in a burlap sack, and all you'd have is a bag of the same BS, ready to set ablaze and left on the porch of the American taxpayer, smoking, stinking and ready to be stomped upon and made all the worse because of it.

These people aren't solving the problem. They are making the problems worse, and by design.

Why not just let common sense and the free market make it's own case for prosperity? Oh yea, that would make too much sense and not enough money for the bureaucrats. Sorry 'bout your bad luck.

I could say more, but it's late and sleep is calling.


Conservative Buddha December 28, 2009 at 5:24 PM  

Well said my sleepy long haired friend...bless Ron Paul for his courage to stay true and sain while standing knee deep in a sewer of on!

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