EPA: "Hey You! Yea, You! Stop It With All That Breathing Over There!"

>> December 7, 2009

The EPA today made another step towards what I think is the main goal of Climaquiddick-gate, Cap and Trade and the Hopenhagen summit. These leftist progressive control freaks, if left un-checked, will tax you're right to BREATHE!

From Pajamas Media:

Lisa Jackson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, today made final her determination that greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and welfare and therefore must be regulated under the Clean Air Act....
...This Endangerment Finding will begin a cascade of crippling new regulations of the American economy and of the way people are allowed to live.  Already EPA has proposed new auto regulations based on the Endangerment Finding requiring that requires that the average car sold in 2016 get the same fuel mileage as today’s Smart Car.
 From Phil Kerpin:

EPA's Greenhouse Gases Declaration -- Putting America On the Road to Ruin

Today the EPA declared greenhouse gases a danger to public health. And here's the bottom line: The biggest threat to Americans, when it comes to huge new energy taxes and government controls, is not from legislation, it's from regulation.
From The Foundry:

 Step aside, elected Members of Congress. If you can’t pass cap and trade legislation, The Environmental Protection Agency will move in with massively complex and costly regulations that would micromanage just about every aspect of the economy. They announced today that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases (GHGs) threaten public health and the environment.
 and from Watts Up With That?
EPA about to declare CO2 dangerous – ssshhh! – Don’t tell the trees
I can’t find the words to describe the illogic behind the EPA with this ruling. Perhaps it is best to say that bureaucrats don’t understand anything but regulations and leave it at that.
The EPA CO2 regulation – Dec 7th 2009, a day we will not soon forgetEPA’ s Lisa Jackson panders to Copenhagen on opening day. Planned for months of course, with public comment ignored. It is now the people -vs- the EPA, coming to a courtroom near you.
Watts Up With That? just made the blogroll.

Also, I forgot to include an interesting graph stolen from TheBlogProf

There's some excellent commentary too so go read it. OK?
Here's an example:

... mankind is responsible for only 3.4% of CO2, which is only 3.6% of greenhouse gases, which are only 3% of our atmosphere. So 3.4% of 3.6% of 2% is... well - not much. (.002% of CO2 and 0.28% overall)
Just so you know what a small percentage of our atmosphere is comprised of CO2, the compound is measured in units of parts per million! So if you gather 1 million people and pick out 385 of them, you have jack squat of the whole, and that jack squat represents the CO2 proportion.


politicartoon December 8, 2009 at 1:33 AM  

he how are you. I was just searching people that had liberty and tyranny as an interest and you where on the list. I like the diagram of the person breathing. It's hilarious.

Longhaired Conservative December 8, 2009 at 7:14 AM  

Yea, I thought so too. I actually swiped that from http://wattsupwiththat.com/
I need to figure out how to give credit for an image. Thanks for stopping by. I'll check out your cartoons.

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