Hot Babes, 9/12 Tea Party Protest and History

>> October 15, 2009

 What is it with the recent surge of Hot Conservative Babes in the news the last couple of years? We've got Carrie Prejean, Meghan McCain (RINO), Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, not to mention the ultra-hot/smart Five Feet of Fury (I'll let you figure out who she is). The question is: (there's not one really, I just wanted a good reason to post a hot chick pic) is this a new phenomenon or have these ladies been around for a while, hiding in the closet, waiting for the 2008 elections and 9/12 rallies to break out of their proverbial pant suit shells? It's just that I can't remember getting all worked up the last time I saw a female conservative / libertarian politician or pundit.
Just Sayin'.

Now that I've mentioned the 9/12 rallies, while I was ^ahem^ researching ^cough^ this post I ran across a large (read HUGE)  photo archive from The People's Cube and the larger (read HUMONGOUS) set of photos at their Facebook 9/12 album. I'm still wondering how just  12,000 people could have possibly looked like 800,000 to a million. Smoke and mirrors I guess.

History / Ancestry Buffs:
If you're interested in historical pictures, documents or ancestral records there is a wealth of information at It is amazing the amount of data they have on the site. It's like an interactive History Book! I highly recommend it.

Now for some dessert... Unfortunate Cookie ;-)



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