American Journalist Accused by Canadian Court - Wait ~ What? CANADA?

>> October 3, 2009

Dr. Paul Williams and Hamid Mir

Next week, investigative journalist and author Dr. Paul L. Williams will be tried in a foreign court for his investigative work on reports of al Qaeda terrorists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.
But he broke no American statute and his alleged violation of Canadian law took place not in Canada, but at his home in Pennsylvania.
Williams got into a legal jam with the Canadians while discussing his book The Dunces of Doomsday on the nationally syndicated “Coast-to-Coast AM” radio program with George Noory.
To make matters more bizarre, Williams had been advised by the Ontario Provincial Police to issue warnings to his fellow Americans about terrorist activity at the Canadian university that placed the lives of countless millions of Americans in jeopardy.
The case is significant since it represents the first time an American journalist is being forced to submit to Canadian law.
Williams has been stripped of his Constitutional rights and forced to deplete his financial savings to pay for his Canadian lawyers.
“The matter would have gone away if I simply signed an apology,” Williams said, “but what kind of journalist would I be if I apologized for telling the truth?”
He estimates that the cost of the lawsuit already has topped $500,000.
Don't give up the fight. Support Dr. Paul L. Williams here.



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