On Healthcare and Ted Kennedy

>> August 28, 2009

From an article on CBS News...
"We have some wonderful telephone tapes in which Johnson described to a newly elected Ted Kennedy how to get Medicare passed," Marone said. "He said, Don't let 'em cost it out. Don't let 'em project the costs down the line. It'll kill you.' He thought that if people knew the full costs of Medicare it would never have passed, and he kept trying to lowball the estimates. And this was before the Office of Management and Budget. But we believe - we say in the book - that if we knew the costs, Medicare, one of the two most popular programs in America never would have passed."

Now we do know the price tag for health-care reform - hundreds of billions - and for millions of voters, it's a tough pill to swallow."
Emphasis added.

And this opinion from Democratic Underground
"I agree with your OP. These numbnuts are too dumb to know that a strong public option will eventually become single Payer, but the insurance companies know that. So they fight tooth and nail."
Again, emphisis mine.

Is that what you think of the American people? We are NUMBNUTS? What an elitist.

I strongly disagree. Haven't these guys seen the town halls? I believe the majority of Americans see through the hype, just as they did back in LBJ's day. It's a shame (sham) that the progressives were able to get Medicare passed.

Ted Kennedy has died and the Dem's are going to run him up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes.
Cue the intro music. The movie starts in 3, 2, 1... "Let's win one for the Tippler"


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